Peggy Zehring and her "Inner Idea" Group are Featured in Chelsea

One can only describe it as resembling a huge arabesque-like calligraphic character composed of connected serpentine curves, gracefully linear, yet sculpturally substansial. Set, as though floating in midair against a vibrantly blue nocturnal sky, with five mysterious orbs glowing through its curves, this seems a symbol of transcendence over the limitations of the material world, albeit arrived at through paradoxically physical means -- a theme very much at the heart of Peggy Zehring's art."

-Marie Pagano

"Zehring's freewheeling and painterly practice observes no self-conscious distinction between illustory "deep space" and the shallowness of the two-dimensional picture plane so sacred to standard modernist dogma. Apparently proceeding on the theory that all such rules are made to be broken, Zehring introduces a sense of depth on the right sides of both outer panels of the long, horizonal three-panel composition with perspective lines that direct the eye inward, toward the heart of the composition.

Not only do these visual pointers create an illusion of depth, but the thickly pigmented impasto that the artist applies to her surfaces

(often texturally augmented with acrylic-based modeling pastes, marble dust, spackle, weatered wood and other mixed media and found materials) here has a rugged physical palpability that appears to allude to the logs of a rustic cabin. This is perhaps a natural enough assumption to make about the work of an artist based in Colorado; however, like all of the references that one can read into Zehring's paintings, this impression remains an illusion, rather than a literal representation, thus preserving the abstract autonomy so central to her vision.

The central feature of the triptych, Reiki Zero Point 5, however, which spans all three panels, defies specific interpretation.

Nov - Dec 2013/Jan2014  

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